White Collar Boxing Packages

Are you ready to get in the shape of your life and do something wonderful for charity?

If the answer is yes then choose one of the packages below, we would expect you raise a minimum of £50 through a just giving account. Depending on what package you choose we would also expect you to sell some tickets to friends, family and work colleagues. We also have sponsorship forms where you can raise extra funds. Historically White-Collar Boxing bouts can raise over a £1000 and many achieve this. So, when you raise more you're entered on to the ERWCB Hall of fame.

If you would just like to take part and not fight then select IRON - with this package you can take advantage of the 8 weeks intense boxing training and still get in the shape of your life and raise funds for charity, without getting in the ring.


“A friend of mine told me about the charity boxing event and I thought I would give it a go. I had never boxed before. Now thanks to this experience, I have learnt some new skills from the boxing coaches, and made some incredible memories, which I will keep forever.”

Jamie Parkin - Poundland Manager Mexborough

Jamie Parkin - Poundland Manager Mexborough

Zac Perry - Yorkshire Family Butcher Ltd

Zac Perry - Managing Director Yorkshire Family Butcher Ltd, Mexborough

“The ERWCB initiative hasn’t only helped me to raise vital cash for a local charity, but it’s helped me to get into a much better shape, as I have lost 3 stone in weight, which is nice. I would recommend getting involved to anybody.”

WCB Events

• 29th April 2023

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